Casmara Vitalizing Energizing Serum

Casmara Vitalizing Energizing Serum

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50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.



Facial Serum with a rich-textured.

Intensive concentrate of active ingredients “Oil free”

VITALIZING is an exclusive product line that enhances the authentic beauty and health of your skin.

The CASMARA Investigation Centre has combined active ingredients of the most excellent quality with two fundamental ingredients: COENZYME Q-10 and CREATINE.

Your skin obtains the energy to restore its activity. The face regains its radiance and splendor. 

Active ingredients

OSILIFT®: moisturizer which stimulates the formation of a skin protective layer.

VITAMIN C: it has a high antioxidant power.

HYALURONIC ACID: increases hydration of the skin and forms a film over the skin surface to avoid water loss.

COENZVME Q-10 and CREATINE: act together in order to create a highly energizing cosmetic.