Casmara Longevity Recovery Moisturizing Cream

Casmara Longevity Recovery Moisturizing Cream

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50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.


Cream with a light soft texture.

Intensive concentrate of active ingredients.

Helps to recover functionality and the balance of young skin.

The product works in a different way by day and by night, with exceptional results. High-technology cosmetics. 


Active ingredients

CHONDRICARE®: lnnovative multi-functional peptide basad on the aconitase protein. This protein acts as a skin protector during the day and has an energizing effect at night. This double action of ChondricareJE allows adaptation to the skin's needs throughout the entire day (day-night).

E-MORTAL®: lt is a liposome formula preparad from a pea peptide mixture which has a balancing action that provides a radiant appearance.

BETAINE: Beet-extracted hydrating molecule that helps to maintain the water balance.