Casmara Body Sculptor Kit with Massage Glove

Casmara Body Sculptor Kit with Massage Glove

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Introducing the Casmara Set Slimming with Massage Gloves

The perfect combination of fat melting cream and massage tools to tighten and relax
Sculpt your body after 1 month of use
Start body shape change from 15 days
Reduce 40% of rough skin after 28 days
Reduce waist, calf, biceps 1.5 - 5cm
Intensive Slimming-Firming Kit is not only helps to lose fat in the desired areas and firm the skin, but also is effective fast, strong, without waiting too long.

The kit includes:

- Body Sculptor Cream

- Fat-massage, skin-tightening massage gloves Body Massage Glove

Impact comes from Body Sculptor Cream

- Reduce local fat in the desired area, remove excess fat accumulated by active fat burning, drainage and prevent water accumulation under the skin.

- Effective body, blemishes and marks of the orange peel on the skin and prevent the recurrence.

- Firming outer skin, anti-slack, wrinkle skin, for healthy beauty.

Impact comes from Massage Gloves Body Massage Glove

- Activate and increase the osmotic effect for Body Sculptor body fat cream. Using massage gloves gives faster, more powerful action than just cream.

- Effective skin firming, elasticity, reduce slack and prevent recurrence.

- Enhance the effect of slimming, drainage under the skin.

- For a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

The total impact of the Slimming Cream Product set with Massage Gloves

- Start noticing changes in body contours after 15 days of use

- Reduce to> 40% of the orange peel skin after 28 days of use

- Reduce immediately the measurement of waist, calves, thighs, biceps ... from 1.5 - 5cm

- Pinky white skin, evenly colored skin and more attractive

- Skin is tight, strong, youthful

- Limit the accumulation of fat later, keep the body slim and long.

Thanks to the simultaneous effect of defatting and massaging with professional tools, we will be able to rebalance the body parameters as desired, reshape the indicators according to standards. In fact, the areas that are difficult to reduce the size and easily accumulate fat such as the abdomen, waist, biceps, thighs, calves ... all have a good effect after about 1 month using the Intensive Slimming-Firming slimming product. Kit

Structure Composition Body Sculptor Cream

Body Sculptor Cream is a perfect combination of 3 fat and fat reduction formulas CASMARA:

BIOSCULPTINE: A formula that combines two plants rich in polyphenols for a double effect. Polyphenols stimulate fat breakdown (breakdown of fat in fat cells), inhibit fat cell differentiation, eliminate fat and strong anti-oxidant, destroy free radicals.

DERMOCHLORELLA: Extracted from unicellular algae Chlorella Vulgaris, capable of stimulating cell division with spectacular speed and efficiency. As a result, the epidermis is acted to re-active, firm and elastic, quickly regenerate the skin.

PHYCO R75: Active ingredient extracted from Laminaria algae, helps increase circulating AMP, enhances fat breakdown of fat cells and exits easily.

ZEDOMINE: Extract from 3 types of plants: White Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, helps to stimulate blood circulation, increase lymph drainage, give skin a ruddy, smooth, healthy skin.

Subjects using Intensive Slimming-Firming Kit

The pair of Body Sculptor creams and Body Massage Glove are suitable and safe for all skin types, all ages with Unisex formula and tested safety materials.

Products can be used by region or the whole body with a large area, weight loss overall.

Best suited for those who want to lose specific fat and improve their physique in each selected area.