Body Treatments

Body Sculpting Package

*Consultation Required
All Packages are customized to Clients Needs
Basic Molding $1650 (60 Mins)
Includes Ultrasound Cavitation, 3 Sauna Treatments, Wood Therapy, Radio Frequency Treatments, and Molding Treatments; Upper Body Only
Requires and includes 12 Sessions
Advance Molding $2960 (60 Mins)
Includes 5 Pressotherapy Treatments, Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Cold Therapy, 7 Mesotherapy Treatments, 2 Full Body Sling Plasters
Requires and includes 20 Sessions
Elite Molding $3400 (60 Mins)
Includes Ultrasound Cavitation, Meal Plan, 4 Jar of Juices, 5 Pressotherapy, Cold Therapy, 3 Sling Plasters, 3 Custom Corporal Treatments from Casmara, 12 Mesotherapy Treatments, 3 Body Exfoliations
Requires and includes 20 Sessions.
Cellulite Treatment $1650 (45 Mins)
Each persons needs are different. This treatment will be designed to you specific skin needs.
Requires and includes 12 Sessions

Lymphatic Drainage Packages

*Consultation Required