Meet The Aesthetics Team

Diana Z. (Owner)

I was born in Medellin, Colombia where I spent most of my childhood. At 9 years old I moved to the USA with my mother and sister. Despite coming from a foreign country, I grew up with all the customs. In Colombia, we are taught to take care of our skin and body with homemade recipes, like using rice water to prevent acne, homemade juices to detoxify the body, and honey add a glow to your skin. Even our mothers would tell us to wear our girdle so that our bodies will shape well.

Later I started a career in Nursing, which I’ve loved since the beginning. But it wasn’t until I became a mother where I experienced many changes with my body that I remembered the self-rejuvenating methods my mother taught me. After seeing great results, I felt it would be great to study Aesthetics and incorporate many of the natural methods that were instilled in me to help others reach there cosmetic goals.

Aesthetics is more than a job, it’s a passion for me. I treat every client's body as if it were mine own. Nothing makes me happier than helping my client’s enhance their natural beauty, whether it’s through acne treatments, anti-aging or body contouring. My career background as a nurse gives my clients the confidence and reassurance that they are in great hands.

All treatments performed are non-invasive, which is a great option for people that do not want to have cosmetic surgery but want to improve their physical appearance naturally. I also treat clients who have had surgery and are looking for post-surgical care.

It will be my honor to serve everyone who needs my services. It is extremely important to establish a relationship with my clients and educate them on every step of a treatment so they have enough tools to  maintain a beautiful body and skin.